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Hymen Location - Sexual intercourse, expirience and sexual education

A woman that doesn't know the hymen location and isn't sure what virginity means might still not be ready for her first sexual intercourse. On the other hand, being sexually active does not require you to have any knowlegde whatsoever. It comes naturally and it is your natural instinct and in a way, you could call it a need. Unlike eating and drinking water, absence of sex will not harm your body, but you might feel like you have an urge that should be normal to fulfill. In some countries and cultures in general, hymen location is a tabu, no one will teach you about it, yet your family and your husband will demand of you to know the hymen location and whether or not you have punctured.

Many young women and even girls will than be pull between not knowing the hymen location, not knowing anything about sex and difference between a virgin and a person active "withing the physical department", the urge to masturbate and the knowing that it might be prohibited or frowned upon by their religion.

As much negative things a religion brings, and prohibits some of the simple natural things, it still has many positive aspects towards society and people embracing it. Today, we are witnessing a trend of anti-religion movements that is simply ridiculous. Some people just protest for the sake of it. It has become cool to be against something. Even if you could spend that time on something constructive.

Hymen location is something that is considered very important and too much emphases is put on prudence. Too much of control over women is included still, in so many countries of the modern world. The woman is deprived of knowledge, basic rights, and equality. She doesn't know what a hymen is, the hymen location, has no right to say what she feels and no one asks her anything. Since knowledge is power, or more precisely, one of it's parts, men have power over women in many societies today. Still...

A girl should know basic things about her body, like the facts about the changes in puberty, the meaning of word hymen, meaning of term virginity, location of the hymen, facts about conception, contraception, pregnancy, sexuality in general and sexually transmitted diseases.

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Hymen Location

Before we continue our previous Hymen Location article, we will focus first on types of Hymen and Hymen's anatomy in a

female body.
We have already discussed the female wish to break the hymen and the male desire of breaking the hymen as well as the

perfectly natural way to understand whether or not it is time to do so. We have already covered a bit the Hymen Location.

So what is hymen, what is hymen location and what happens when you deflorate hymen?

Hymen is a piece of skin that forms something that is called a membrane and it surrounds the opening of a vagina. Many

people think that, after they read this definition, the hymen has to cover the vagina's entrance right at the start of it

and get confused. Many people, then again, think that the hymen is somewhere "deep inside a pussy", but that is just not

knowing where to look to locate hymen and not knowing the definition, and not being familiar with what hymen looks like,

and what it really is. Many people think they know what it is, many think they know what it looks like, but fact of the

matter is, not even the girl can see her own hymen without the help of something or cannot see the hymen without taking

picture of it or recording hymen videos. Hymen virgin come in different shapes, but there is a most common type of hymen in

young girls - it is shaped like half moon. It looks like half a moon so that the blood can flow naturally during the girl period when the menstrual blood needs to go out of the girl's vagina.


Hymen Types

Imperforate hymen:

Imperforate hymen is something that sometimes is diagnosed at baby girl's birth. Sometimes it isn't noticed until the girl

becomes teen girl. It is however, nothing to have fear about. It's nothing serious. Imperforate hymen is something like a

thin membrane made of vivid skin tissue, just like the ordinary one, but it covers vagina opening completely. This can

cause blood not flowing naturally and can cause abdominal mass and back pain or just one of those. Sometimes girls can have

pain while peeing (urinate) and have bowel pains. If this happens to you, just go see a doctor and he will know what to do.

It is nothing to worry about since the procedure is painless, quick and imperforate hymen is easy to cure.

Microperforate hymen:

A microperforate hymen is a thin membrane that will cover the pussy opening, vag, or vagina (this is the same female

private parts but people often call them different than the medical name is). With microperforate hymen the blood will flow

easily and fully most often, but the difference here from the normal hymen is that the spread vagina opening is too tight:

the vagina opening is not large enough, or too small. Girls with this microperforate type of hymen might not be able to

insert tampon into her vagina and might not even know that their vagina is too small, or to be precise their vaginal

opening is not wide enough. Sometimes a teen with this diagnose (or without the diagnose) might have a trouble getting the

tampon out even though she managed to put one.  
In the next article you will read about hymen location - a part two of the hymen location explanation from the article previous to this one.

Take care!

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Hymen Location

What is a Hymen and What is Hymen Location?

To simplify it for a start: Hymen is a membrane surrounding and only covering the vaginal passage partially at the vaginal opening in females. Why is hymen and hymen location so darn important? Female virginity! Sexual virginity, to be precise. Whether or not the hymen has been intact determines whether or not the woman or a girl has had a sexual intercourse so far. More about that later.

Hymen location

Hymen location can be found by knowing that it is located at the vagina's mouth (mouth of the vagina). However, many people think, those that are not familiar with hymen, hymen location and the physiognomy of a woman, that the location of hymen is much more deeper inside the vagina than it really is in reality. One can easily locate the hymen, and take a look at it by spreading the legs and placing a mirror in front of the vaginal opening.

Hymen Location
 How to locate hymen
There are different types of hymen;  
  • Imperforate Hymen
  • Microperforate Hymen 
  • Septate Hymen

Girl loosing her virginity:
If you are here, than you are probably considering to lose your virginity or you are a guy who's girlfriend is curious about virginity loss. So, basically, you are both considering it, or at least one of you is giving the thought a possibility. 

Perhaps you have or perhaps you
haven't been talking about it. Perhaps you've read something about it, and perhaps you haven't. Perhaps you are a girl who's girlfriends have spoken about hymens, and losing virginity. But first thing you need to make sure is that you are absolutely, or pretty much absolutely positive about doing it. You should be able to be true to yourself and to ask yourself and answer whether or not you feel that at this moment this is a right thing to do. One thing that is out of the question is that someone is in any way pressuring you to break your hymen. If that is the case, the experience might not be as you expect it to be. On the other hand, people tend to make too much of a fuss over broken hymen and the very action of breaking it. It should come natural, and be a normal thing you don't think about to much. Yeah, we said something opposite few sentences before, but that's the consequence of too much emphasis the society has given to hymen as a sign of virginity and to virginity itself.
 We will go about this in another article further, but what you need to know really is that knowing the hymen location and it's function and anatomy is one thing, and the other is that you know that it is ok to break the hymen and that it isn't such big of a deal as many girls, and guys make it. How do you know it's ok? Pretty simple actually; as when you think about it, and you don't have much of doubt about it. When it feels natural to do so, and you aren't making too much of a fuss about it yourself , and no guy is pressuring you or "blackmailing you". Than, it most likely perfectly normal to do it for the first time. Whether "it" is a sexual intercourse or a vaginal masturbation.